“We are very grateful to Trisha Thurbon and the Rock House Team for making it possible for Mum to live with them. She continually said that ‘it was the best decision she had ever made to put herself in Rock House’. Mum embraced every aspect of life in Rock House. She called the other residents and staff ‘the fraternity here’!

She participated in activities and especially enjoyed the Sunday Services, Songs of Praise during the week and the quizzes.

If there was an opportunity for an outing (whether it was a visit to the Village Hall or a trip to Odds Farm) I always reckoned that Mum was the first to put her hand up! She liked the food very much but not baked beans. She used to tell me how good it was, especially the roasts.

She loved having her hair done each week by Linda. However tired she was she would always perk up for a hair-do. She also enjoyed Fiona going in to do her nails and talk about what the family was up to, especially her ‘No 1 grandson’ as she called Paul. Mum always enjoyed family visits, especially from the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mum accepted all the changes in her life most graciously, never complaining about anything except hospital, which she didn’t like at all – and nor did we!
As a family we cannot praise the love and care of all the Rock House staff too highly. They not only loved and cared for Mum but the family felt loved and cared for as well.
(Anna’s tribute to her mother Ruby at her thanksgiving service held at Gold Hill Baptist Church on 18th October 2014).

“Mum joined Rock House in 2006.  She has Alzheimer’s. She refers to this as her home, which we were pleasantly surprised at, as wherever she went prior to this she said she wanted to go home.

“Watching the video is very like visiting the home, it is as you see it; the staff are as caring and helpful as they appear.

“Mum has a beautiful room. It’s a shame she probably doesn’t appreciate it as she would have before her illness.

“The food looks delicious, including the home made cakes.

“Families are always made to feel very welcome at any time of the day or evening.

“If I have to go into a home in the future this is where I would be happy to go.

“Often there are youngsters from the church at the home helping and entertaining the residents.”

Daughter of a Rock House resident – April 2012